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I have been in the mobile dog washing business for 9 years and decided to start my very own company: Macs Mobile Dog Wash!

I have been a lifelong animal lover. Some say I am a Dog Whisperer. I have been a Certified Veterinary Technician working with large animal and in a 24-hour ER Animal Hospital in Boulder, CO specializing in small animal and exotics. I have been an Educator for 22 years in the classroom and as Director of a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary in Northern Georgia educating the public through animal programs and tours.

Our Services

What is a Hydro-bath?

The hydro-bath sprays pressurized warm fresh water and shampoo through the pooch’s coat. The shower head provides a thorough clean which gets right down into the dog’s coat and gives an invigorating massage, this also helps to alleviate that “Wet Dog Smell” you sometimes get from other forms of bathing. The water from this is then collected, filtered, heated if necessary and then pumped back through the shower head.


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Macs Mobile Dog Wash
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Service Area : Longmont, Erie, Dacono, Firestone, Frederick, Ft. Lupton, Platteville

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